Tyler Trafford Author


I love this book; it's highly original in content and style, cleverly amusing, and filled with lively, engaging characters. The love story is beautifully handled with nuances, and the smart, wry humour made me laugh aloud. The narrative is both punchy and poetic, making this memorable book a pleasure to read.

Troon Harrison, editor, and multi-award winning author of Red River Stallion

My overwhelming impression is of a work with great originality and intelligence. It percolates in my mind and warrants significant reflection, review, and discussion.

The four key strengths of the novel are it's original arc of storytelling (life imitating science), the tight scale of the story (precision of events and function of characters), the coupling of the grand themes of science, religion and art, and the finely-sketched, unconventional characters.

The elegance of the narrative construct screams for dissection by an English class. Well done on crafting an original story.

Katharine Nash, Engineer

The story pulled me in, like the first line, and left me wondering what would happen to Analiese. The possibilities of everything … including her ability to bring a change to a very concrete thinking people.

The story reminds us to be non-judgmental and see equality.

It's like when you look around and see the people you know, and think about how you met them, you could very well relate to the theory in this story…all random and floating around. Almost like we are bouncing off one another.

All these people so different and yet here they are, coming into each other's lives. Even mine!!

Carla Pole, Rancher and Mother