Tyler Trafford Author

Writing Between The Wind and The River


and The Unfinished Script

Published in 2017 by Frontenac House, Calgary

Meet the terror named TwoBlackEyes, one ton of bone-breaking fury. And meet the unlikely friends who take on this primeval nightmare and ride it to the end. Welcome to the “Land of Ground Thunder Running.”

TwoBlackEyes and The Unfinished Script is the story of a young man born into a privileged life in Calgary's affluent Elbow Park, but with personal goals and ambitions at odds with his family’s plans for him. Leaving private school for the public system, Nathan Munro finds unexpected friendships in a film studies class where no subject is taboo. Meet Willie, who applies the dodge and duck tactics of welfare survival to the dangers of rodeo bull fighting; smart-mouthed Stevie, who endures the black and blue reality of family violence; and self-assured Kayden, who proves that getting bucked off a bull isn’t as painful as never trying. With the help of their mysterious and unorthodox teacher, Miss Emily Arbutus, the four friends challenge boundaries, face their fears and write their own futures.

TwoBlackEyes and The Unfinished Script merges the incomplete murder and revenge Buck Off script written by the late Brandon Flock into the fictional story of Nathan Munro who chooses writing screenplays over accounting.

“Creating a novel that combines an unfinished film script with my characters and plot was a challenge for me. I tore up a lot of drafts looking for the right way to tell Nathan's story.”

Proceeds from sales of TwoBlackEyes and The Unfinished Script will benefit the Brandon Flock Foundation. The Foundation offers financial aid and mentoring to students seeking their passion in the Arts, and encourages emerging talent through the awarding of scholarships to talented and deserving students in Canada.


“intricately structured, carefully balanced, funny and wise.”

– Alberta Views, Dec 2017

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