Tyler Trafford Author


The Quantum Wave Function

"I borrowed that idea from Quantum Mechanics,” I tell her.

“Think of your life as a wave of chance that contains all your possibilities. All the opportunities for things to happen to you, some probable, some improbable. It's up to you which ones you want to hold onto.”

She's not so blank now. I anticipate an improbability. I'm getting used to my Quantum Life.

Analiese Drucker,

Journeyman Welder

Reader Insights

...  highly original in content and style, cleverly amusing.

... It percolates in my mind and warrants significant reflection, review, and discussion.

...you could very well relate to the theory in this story…all random and floating around. Almost like we are bouncing off one another.

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A Small-Town Collision

Behind her welding visor, Analiese considers other possibilities for

her life, but keeps those thoughts to herself — until she is backed into a corner by the town's traditionalists.

Her decision made, she loads her pick-up with welding tools and heads down Sinners' Highway.

Improbabilities intercept Analiese's odyssey: Greville Carson, the quantum physicist turned portrait artist; the Diviner, a green-eyed enigma raised by a biker gang; Marcella, an art collector with a subterranean gallery and machine shop; Weed, Janice Joplin's broken-hearted yesterday lover; and the lonesome outpost of Honour where her sculptures go viral.

The only messages from home are sent by Jim Stevens, the

hockey-playing farmer in love with a woman who …

Tyler shopping in the Town of Cowley, not far from where he lives and writes.

“The smart, wry humour made me laugh aloud.”

Troon Harrison, editor, and multi-award winning author of Red River Stallion

Everybody knows everybody's business in Shallow Rapids, Alberta.

On Sundays, Analiese Drucker, 20, can be counted on to lead youth class, play piano and sing soprano. On workdays, she's in coveralls repairing broken farm implements at Drucker Welding.

Along Railway Street, Analiese displays her steel Shapes: the wind-twisting sculptures that perplex the town elders.